Welcome to the Olympic Sport of BMX RACING

Okeeheelee BMX #1 track in the EAST (US) and #1 in Florida. All ages and riding abilities are welcome.

Welcome to the Olympic Sport of BMX RACING

Okeeheelee BMX #1 track in the EAST (US) and #1 in Florida. All ages and riding abilities are welcome.

Welcome to the Olympic Sport of BMX RACING

Okeeheelee BMX #1 track in the EAST (US) and #1 in Florida. All ages and riding abilities are welcome.

Welcome to the Olympic Sport of BMX RACING

Okeeheelee BMX #1 track in the EAST (US) and #1 in Florida. All ages and riding abilities are welcome.


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Upcoming Races / Practices / Classes

Rental bikes are available on site $20 per day. Concession available Tu & Fri.  ONLINE Registration closes at 6pm race nights (Tuesday & Friday). If you have never been to a BMX Race Track before please sign up for our ONE DAY FREE Class first (Free class includes bike and helmet). 

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Want instant schedule change or weather closing notifications?

Text @okeebmx to 81010 -then you will opt in as a PARENT
Always assume we are open for normal programming unless we send a rained out alert- we try to make a call about the weather 1 hour prior to opening. Please do not call or PM on social media asking what the weather is like or if we are going to close. #1 We do NOT live at the track, #2 We look at the same weather apps you do, #3 We have 800 members and this text service is how we communicate changes in our programs.

New Riders

How do we get started?

1.) We offer a “Free FIRST TIME Trial Class” and use of a rental bike or helmet during class. This is a small group training for beginners and BMX curious riders of all ages. Class is Saturday 8am OR Monday 5pm, click HERE TO CHECK AVAILABILITY AND SIGN UP PRIOR TO ARRIVAL
2.) After your “Free FIRST TIME Trial Class” you need to purchase $80 annual membership next time you arrive or at www.usabmx.com  and print a temporary card until your permanent one arrives in the mail.
3.) Watch “New Rider” video embedded here. It explains the racing transfer system used for races. Watch the “Live Moto” video to learn how to read the race program for each race night. 
4.) Sign up for our FREE text service, in the event of schedule changes, weather cancellations or delays we send out alerts here (text @okeebmx to 81010 then depending on what you are prompted, you enter your name, opt in as a parent- not your child)
5.) Sign up and pay for our daily events and Novice training posted on our website prior to arrival. Required deadline on race nights is 6pm Tuesday and Friday.
6.) We recommend our Novice Class’ (Monday and Saturday) and Racing (Tuesday and Friday). Athletes will be put in races with similar age and experience. PROTIP -The more you race the faster you get!

My child is under 5 years old and cannot ride a bike yet, is there a toddler track?

Yes. We have a mini track and a main track. Balance Bikes do not have pedals and are a great way to learn how to ride. There are absolutely no bikes with training wheels allowed.  We have balance bikes that are free to borrow.  We even have Balance Bike RACING for children ages 6 and under, on Friday nights. They race the final straight on the main track. Children on Balance Bikes must also have an annual membership $30, wear a full face helmet and wear long sleeves and long pants. Membership available for purchase at the track or by going to  www.usabmx.com

Can I rent a bike?

Yes! We have a rental bike fleet that is sanitized before and after each use, $20 per day, payment upon arrival. The rental bikes are free to use while attending the Monday and Saturday NOVICE training class or our ONE DAY FREE. However, we highly recommend purchasing your helmet ASAP. Please inquire at track or with a coach about the correct size bike and equipment needed to purchase. Knowing your correct size helmet and bike frame size is a very important part of every athletes entry into this sport.

What is required to wear for riding?

Helmet (full face required), LONG SLEEVE SHIRT, LONG PANTS, closed toe SHOES for all riders including balance bikes. (All other Protective gear recommended but not mandatory)

Can I ride my own bike?

Yes! Make sure to remove kick stands, pegs and reflectors PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. All bikes must have an operational brake and be safety approved by Okeeheelee BMX prior to track use. MTB are acceptable to ride on the track too. Absolutely NO training wheels allowed. If the athlete does not know how to ride a bike without training wheels then free use of a balance bike is the best solution until they are ready to hit the pedal bikes

When is the track open to train and race?

5:00-8p – Intermediate & Expert Training (monthly enrollment)

5:00-6p – Free FIRST TIME Class (check schedule in case only Saturday available)
6:00-7p – Novice Class $20 (7yo and younger)
7:00-8p – Novice Class $20 (8yo and older)

Tuesday: (required presign online prior to 6pm- (or on site 6pm-6:30)
6:00-7:30p – Practice $8
7:30p – Race $12 (Tuesday racing only August-May)

6:00-8p – Intermediate and Expert Training (monthly enrollment)

6:00-8p – Practice only, all ages all proficiencies $8 (Thursday practice ONLY avail August-May)

Friday: (presign online prior to 6pm or on site 6-6:30pm,** all registered must also RACE)
6:00-7:30p – Practice
7:30p – Race $12 (includes balance bike races only $6)

8:00-9a – Free FIRST TIME Class (check schedule in case only Monday available)
9:00-10a – Novice Class $20 (7yo and younger)
10:00-11a – Novice Class $20 (8yo and older)

Are there coaches?

Yes! We have licensed coaches that hold paid group training sessions. These training sessions require pre-registration prior to arrival. Our Coaches also provide private lessons. They must be arranged with the coach and is based on track availability.

Professional Training Center

For 30 years Okeeheelee BMX has served as a professional training center for professionals and amateurs from around the world. All coaches are USA BMX Licensed Coaches, which includes BiAnnual Certification for Adult and Pediatric CPR and Basic First Aid, as well as, CDC Heads Up for Coaches Online Training Module.


Martin Casas

Head Coach (Habla Espanol)

BMX School of Champions

Originally from Colombia, presently residing in South Florida. Raced for more than 20 years and competed in 10 World Championships. Created Bmx School of Champions 5 years ago. Dedication, Discipline, and Commitment will help you achieve goals in BMX and in life.



Juan Carlos Carbo

Juan Carlos Carbo

Coach, Vet Pro (Habla Espanol)



Manuela Roldan

Manuela Roldan

Coach - Female PRO (Habla Espanol)


(whatsapp only) 561-907-9367

Matthew Haas

Matthew Haas

Coach, Expert Amateur

Chris Zitelli

Chris Zitelli

Coach, Vice President of the Board

Coached Training Schedule

Novice and Beginner BMX Racer Clinics

All BMX athletes that have not yet achieved 10 wins are encouraged to attend as many of these sessions as possible. The more you participate with our coached sessions the more effective the athletes pre-race practice becomes and develop their skills to train at home. $20 per hour session

MONDAYS: 6 pm (7yo and younger)   7 pm (8yo and older)
SATURDAYS: 9 am (7yo and younger)  10 am (8yo and older)

Intermediate and Expert BMX Racer Clinics

Intermediate and Expert Proficiency
$150 per month includes SUNDAYS 6-8p and WEDNESDAYS – 6-8pm – All payments are arranged directly with the Coach Casas. Please contact him to be added to the group communication and for updates in case the schedule changes.

FREE ONE DAY Group Lesson (only for first time BMX athletes)

We offer a ONE DAY group lesson for free. Only available to athletes who have never had a USA BMX membership at any time.

You must attend on a Saturday 8am or Monday 5pm (depending on availability) in order to work with a coach and get comfortable with our gate and racetrack.  Please check the sign up calendar for availability and SIGN UP HERE, sometimes we are closed for state racing once per month Oct-May) We do offer free loaner BMX Race bikes and a full face helmet for your one day trial. We sanitize our helmets and bikes daily, however, we highly recommend bringing your own full face helmet.. Contact us for recommended local and online vendors.

Once you have successfully completed your free session, you can continue your BMX Racing career by purchasing a USA BMX Annual Membership for $80 at the track. You will race as a NOVICE proficiency with their same age group with athletes that have not achieved 10 wins.  Continue to train once or twice weekly at our Novice Classes (Monday and Saturday). The more you train and race the faster you get

About Us


Okeeheelee BMX is Palm Beach County’s only BMX race track. We are ranked one of the top 3 tracks in the USA (out of 300+), #1 track in the EAST (US)  and #1 in Florida for the last 10 years. All ages and riding abilities are welcome. We are a family and all on the same team.


2022 Most recent Sunshine State National that was held at Okeeheelee BMX, 2018 was the one prior.
133 riders – Our average single point rider count
71 races – total races permitted in 2022
503 – number of new riders that tried BMX for their “First Day Free”
101 – number of registered balance bike riders
830 – Number of registered riders at our track

1988 – Opening year at the location that it stands today
1450 feet – length of the track
Ranked #3 out of 300 USA BMX Race Tracks for past 3 years
Ranked #1 out of 100 Eastern US BMX Tracks for past 6 years
Ranked #1 out of 15 Florida BMX Tacks for past 10 years
First track in Florida to install chip timing system
2 years old -youngest current pedal bike racer
65 years old – oldest competing racer


Okeeheelee BMX is recognized by the Palm Beach County Sports Commission and is a nonprofit 501c3 operated 100% by Volunteers. All parents are encouraged to step up and become an active part of putting on races, managing the facility and being a part of the OKEEHEELEE BMX FAMILY.


Please email info@okeeheeleebmx.com for all donations. NO GOODS OR SERVICES ARE GIVEN IN RETURN FOR THIS CONTRIBUTION, FL Solicitation Registration Number: CH802 “A Copy of the official registration and Financial information may be obtained from The Division of Consumer Services by Calling toll-free (800-435-7352) within the State. Registration does not imply Endorsement, approval, or recommendation by The state.” Okeeheelee BMX Parents Council receives 100% of each contribution.


Always refer to Okeeheelee BMX Facebook and INSTAGRAM page for special scheduling, events, coaching and updates. We have YouTube Channel @okeeheeleebmx

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